Zoom Online Therapies and Workshops – Coming Soon


♥ Zoom Personal one-to-one Hypnotherapy Sessions

Zoom Personal Hypnoband Weightloss Programme

♥ Zoom Personal Past Life Regression Sessions

♥ Zoom Personal one-to-one CBT Sessions

♥ Zoom Personal one-to-one EFT Session

♥ Zoom Personal one-to-one RBT Sessions

♥ Zoom Personal Mindfulness, Meditation and Stress-Release Sessions

♥ Zoom Personal One-to-one NLP Sessions




♥ Zoom Private Hypnobirthing Course

Zoom Private Baby Massage Course

Zoom Private Baby Reflexology Course


♥ Zoom Reiki 1 - Shoden - Certified Course

♥ Zoom Reiki 2 - Okuden - Certified Course

♥ Zoom Reiki Master/Teacher - Shinpiden - Certified Course


♥ Zoom Karuna Ki Reiki Practioner Certified Course

♥ Zoom Karuna Ki Master/Teacher certified Course


Additional Western Style Reiki Courses - you need to have achieved Reiki 2 Practitioner to do these courses

♥ Zoom Samurei Reiki Practitioner Certified Course

♥ Zoom Animal Reiki Practitioner Certified Course

♥ Zoom Crystal Reiki Practitioner Certified Course



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