Our thoughts affect the way that we feel and they affect our enthusiasm for life, and so it is vital to understand how our thinking can have a positive or negative effect on our lives. We often feel hopeless and worthless, but we can take control and change our lives by being aware of our thoughts and moods !!

These therapies can be used separately or combined with one another to challenge our negative thinking patterns , and re-programme our minds to think in more positive uplifting ways.

They work by releasing old fears, out-dated habitual thinking patterns and beliefs, thereby enabling and empowering you to make the necessary changes to become the person that you want to be.

They are goal-directed and address your past with a view to understanding how you have become stuck in this style of thinking and how it may be affecting your present beliefs and behaviour……. it also encourages you to try out for yourself new ways of thinking and acting by using new skills, strategies and techniques.

These techniques can be used for all sorts of problems, issues, fears and anxieties, weight-loss, weight-gain, driving tests, exams and presentations, smoking or alcohol cessation, sheer relaxation and promoting good sleep, fertility and infertility as well as for birthing……the list is endless !!

Understanding CBT

CBT is a form of ‘ Positive Psychology ‘ that aims to help people to overcome their emotional problems – a central concept in CBT is ‘ You feel the way that you think !! ‘

CBT works on the principle that you can live more happily and productively if you’re thinking in healthier ways. It gives you the tools to develop a more focused approach on how you deal with life and circumstances. It also helps you to move from emotional and behavioural habitual problems towards your goal of how you would like to live and feel.

CBT work is very relaxed and interactive with on-going discussion between the two of us relating to the issues that we need to work with as well as personal self-development. We may also use simplistic forms to get your thoughts down on paper to help you address the irrational thoughts by looking at them from a different angle …this often helps you to realise where you have become ‘stuck’ and doing some home assignments also allows you to implement some positive changes in your day-to-day life.

Understanding EFT

An EFT session involves gently ‘ tapping a sequence of Meridian points ‘ on the face and body with the finger-tips while repeating an agreed phrase relating to a specific fear, emotion or issue. This approach resolves emotional distress and obtains rapid relief from all sorts of psychological problems.

It can be applied to any circumstances regardless of the emotion or situation as we all have feelings and reactions to every problem that affects us …. regardless of whether it is financial worries, low self-esteem or confidence issues, frustrations or cravings. It is effective in dealing with ‘ nicotine, alcohol or food cravings ‘ and can therefore we used with ‘ Stopping Smoking or Weight-loss Programmes ‘.

It basically can be used for anything and the amount of sessions required would vary depending on what the particular issue was … or how many different issues there were that you wanted to resolve.

It really is a remarkably easy technique to learn and work with … yet also very powerful in the way that it re-balances the energies, releases unwanted emotions and re-programmes the brain to process the data in a different way to illicit a feeling of ‘ inner calm ‘

Understanding hypnotherapy and NLP

Hypnotherapy is a wonderfully relaxing way of changing the way that your mind relates to certain thoughts and feelings around specific people, places, situations and fears. We basically over-ride the old negative ways of thinking by creating ‘ new Neural Pathways ‘ to take their place until they become your new way of thinking.

Usually before we proceed, we will have taken time to discuss how you would rather feel and so everything that I say during Hypnosis will be a reflection of what you want and how you want to feel. Sessions are generally lying on a couch or in a chair for comfort and I use some relaxing music and visualisations.

There is often a sense of drifting in and out of a dream-like state, falling asleep briefly or hearing everything but in a deeply relaxed … a bit like day-dreaming . You are fully in control at all times.

NLP shows you how to monitor and adapt your style of thinking, break free from negative thoughts and also shows you how to cultivate more useful inner beliefs about yourself and your world.

It enables you to understand what makes you tick ….. recognise how you think …. how you feel ….basically how you make sense of the world around you !!

There are a variety of techniques that I often use with clients along with CBT or Hypnotherapy or even Reiki if they want a mix of talking things through then releasing emotional upsets on a deeper energetic way.

In a nutshell …breaking Neuro , Linguistic and Programming into three ways of understanding the meaning behind the title, we have ….

NEURO– this is based on the idea that we experience the world through our senses – sight, hearing, feeling, taste and smell and that ‘ sensitivity ‘ is then translated into thoughts …. both the ‘ Conscious ‘ and the ‘ Subconscious ‘. These thought processes then activate the Neurological System which then goes on to affect our Physiology, Emotions and Behaviour.

LINGUISTIC – this refers to how we use language to make sense of the world and how we communicate that to others. The words that you speak can influence your experiences in life as in how others treat you.

PROGRAMMING – this is your behaviour and the way that your organise your ideas and actions which then produce some ‘ Expected or Unexpected results ‘

Stopping Smoking and Hypnoband Weight-loss Programmes

With the Stopping Smoking Programme and Weight-loss Programmes, we look at the lifestyle changes that you can make to break old habits then Hypnotherapy to re-programme the way that you think about cigarettes and food. Very effective for long-standing habitual patterns and cravings.

The Fertile Body Method

We can basically just do Individual sessions working with whatever needs to be addressed using some Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Solution Focused questions and combine it with Visualisations or Hypnotherapy …..or we can work through the Six Key Stages... see the Fertile Body Method page for more in-depth information

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