Placenta Encapsulation – non-refundable booking fee


Placenta Encapsulation – non-refundable booking fee – after filling in the contact form, I will send you the relevant forms by e-mail. Varied options and fees.


There are a variety of options and fees but just one non-refundable fee of £50 to book your place. The remainder fee should be paid in installments by arrangement or full fee to be paid when we meet up at 37 weeks when I will give you my cooler pack to use at that time. The non-refundable fee covers my PPE, sterilising products, electricity, travel or taxi fees to collect your Placenta in my cooler bag, deliver your remedies and makes sure that I am available whenever your baby makes an appearance.

It’s a very simple process on your part with no need for you to touch the Placenta at all. All information will be sent to you as well as by telephone or in person chat.






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