Okuden – Reiki 2 – Course Info and Fee

Okuden –the Japanese Style Workshop – £190


What you will receive in your Okuden Study Pack

  • The 110 page, Glossy soft cover manual professionally printed and bound.
  •  The  Liberate your Reiki Book
  • The Okuden audio CD


Your Reiki Second Degree course lasts for 12-13 hours which is equivalent to more than two days training.

You will receive the Reiki Manual, audio CD and Liberate your Reiki book by post before your workshop – this allows you to read through the contents beforehand…… leaving us plenty of time for more Practical work on the Workshop day.

You spend approximately 6 hours working through the manual and listening to the audio CD at your leisure and enjoy your Reiki book then attend a single Practical Day course with a maximum of 4-6 Students.

This gives you time to go over your notes whenever it suits you before and after the Course and really enjoy your Practical Day without being concerned about remembering everything !!

You may want to bring your manual with you on the day if you would like to refer to it as we recap.

The Full fee for Reiki 1 is £190  –  you pay £80 to book your place on the course and receive your study pack – then the further payment of £110 on the practical workshop date.

Contact me to book your course and pay your deposit fee for the study pack ( or full fee – your choice) on 07733 113138 or you can pay the full fee on the Shop


You can pay by cash or bank transfer on the Practical Workshop day. The deposit fee is non-refundable as it holds your place and you will have received your Study Pack.



What to expect on the Workshop Day – 10am till 4pm


  • Welcome , Introduction and a Review of what has been happening since the Students did their Level 1 training.
  • Symbols – review the information already learned in the Study Pack
  • Second Degree Empowerment – first of three Connections to the Reiki Energies ( Symbols )
  • Practise session – we will go through various Energy Exercises to experience the quality of the first Energy Symbol
  • Second Degree Empowerment – second of three Connections
  • Practise session – we will go through various Energy Exercises to experience the quality of the second Energy Symbol
  • We will learn various ways of using the symbols to treat others
  • Second degree empowerment – third of the three Connections
  • Distant Healing – we will talk about distant healing methods
  • Practise Distant Healing




  • Charge up the flow of energy by learning two techniques that you can use to increase the Reiki Energy through your hands
  • Practise session – Energy charging techniques to use on each other
  • Practise working intuitively – Reiji Ho
  • Practise session – letting the energy move your hands
  • Focus Reiki in different ways – learn to focus Reiki like a Laser Beam …………. how to ‘Beam and Radiate’ Reiki
  • Sending the energy in new ways – with your eyes and your breath
  • Practise session – send Reiki using your eyes
  • Progression to the next level
  • Your Okuden Reiki Certificate


Workshops will be a maximum of 4 during this time  – dates for 2021 below….

Saturday 26th June

Saturday 24th July

Saturday 21st August

Saturday 13th November