Fertility and Womb Massage Therapy

Fertility Womb Massage therapy is a unique blend of holistic healing using massage techniques, acupressure, rocking with Rebozzo scarves and energy work to create a feeling of warmth and emotional well-being. It is deeply relaxing and you will feel physically and emotionally supported throughout.

Massage of the back, sacrum, abdomen and womb areas. The acupressure and rocking releases tension and trapped emotional energy within the body and tailored to suit your needs. Massage can be adapted to include head, neck and shoulders as a 2 hour Stressbuster session.

Can assist with fertility issues, past emotional trauma, menopause and reproductive conditions such as problems with menstruation, endometriosis and Polycystic Ovaries.

You can have this massage in preparation to conceive or while undergoing IVF as it will be adapted according to your physical and emotional needs, cycle and the IVF processes.

A Client Review – “I can’t believe I’m writing this but I got a positive pregnancy test yesterday and again this morning – we have been trying for over a year and I strongly believe that your massage helped get me into the right mind set and body space in order to conceive! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!      It’s very early days but I have my first midwife appointment booked for the 26th November”.    Kate, Aberdeen



First session with full consultation – 2 hours – £80

and thereafter 90 minutes with discussion – £70

or 1 hour with massage only – £60

2 hour Stressbuster – Fertility Massage and head and shoulders with Reiki or neck, shoulders and foot massage – £80

2 hour Fertility Massage and Reflexology – £100


😁 Special packages – pay for 4 and book 5 sessions so 1 free. Packages sessions should be booked at first session but can be changed


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